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Adopted:  May 9, 1989

First Revision:  May 11, 1995

Second Revision:  April 11, 2007








a.       As per Article III of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Charleston County Local Emergency Planning Committee, membership shall be composed of a diverse cross section of the local population.


b.       The number of members from each classification and / or grouping will be determined by the LEPC upon recommendation by the Membership Sub-Committee.


c.     To ensure that the LEPC has a broad membership, individuals, organizations and facilities shall be given the full privilege to participate, by applying for membership or sending visitors.


d.     Membership information will be available at the Charleston County Hazardous Materials Office, 4045 Bridge View Drive, Room C-201, N. Charleston, SC 29405, (843)958-4071 and all public notification will invite participation by the community.


e.     All requests for membership may be submitted to the Membership Subcommittee of the LEPC allowing 10 working days, if possible for review by the Subcommittee. The request for membership may be presented to the full membership of the LEPC for action, at the next regularly scheduled LEPC meeting.


f.       If the request for membership is approved, the LEPC Chairperson will forward the membership approval to the LEPC Secretary to be added to the roster.  An up-dated roster will be forwarded to the SERC for their records upon request.


g.     The LEPC Membership Subcommittee will at times recruit additional members to insure that representation, as required by Article III of the Constitution and By-Laws is maintained.


h.     Each potential candidate for membership will be supplied information concerning the normal procedures for applying for membership.


i.       The membership subcommittee will provide the LEPC with an updated membership roster on a quarterly basis or as needed.  This list will indicate the type of membership the member has.


j.        The membership subcommittee will also be tasked with the recruiting and nominating candidates for election to vacant officers positions.


k.     The subcommittee will notifiy the Secretary or all applications being presented to the Committee.


II.                 REGULAR MEMBERSHIP


a.    Attendance at the scheduled meetings of the LEPC and subcommittee is a requirement of regular membership.  An alternate member may be nominated (as per Section III) and may attend in the place of the regular member.


b.     If a member or his/her alternate misses 3 consectutive LEPC meetings, or more than 1/3rd of the annual meetings during a calendar year, the Membership Committee Chairperson will review the attendance record, validity of the excuses, and will recommend appropriate action to the full committee.




a.    Each regular member of the LEPC who desires to have one alternate member from his/her organization shall submit that name in writing to the Chairman of the LEPC Membership Subcommittee.


b.     In the absence of the regular member the alternate member may cast one vote and represent the regular member regarding all matters that may come before the LEPC.  The alternate member will not function as an official of the LEPC.




a.     Consultants, resource people, technical advisors, etc. are eligible as associate members if they indicate a willingness to attend and participate in the business of the LEPC.


b.     A written request to the Chairperson of  the Membership Subcommittee is required.  Associate members may attend on an “as needed basis” and they will not have any voting rights.


c.      The LEPC may solicit individuals as associate members.


V.                 VISITORS


a.     It is recommended that visitors or guest of members notify the Chairperson of the LEPC in advance of their intention to attend a meeting.


b.     Visitors will be asked to identify themselves before meetings begin and the Chair will recognize and introduce all visitors at the meetings.  Place cards will be provided for attendees where pratical.


c.      If a visitor or guest desires to bring an item of business before the LEPC, it is requested that the item of business be reduced to writing and be given th the LEPC Chairperson at least 5 working days before the scheduled LEPC meeting.  It will then be the responsibility of the Chairperson or Executive Committee, as established by Roberts Rules of Order, to dtermine how best to proceed with the item of business.




a.     A member may be striken from the roles of the Charleston County LEPC for non-attendance / participation and/or “for cause”.


b.     If the Membership Subcommittee deems that an individual should be deleted from LEPC membership, this subject will be brought to the attention of the individual prior to discussion by the full membership.


c.      Any member of the LEPC that is up for removal will be notified by the LEPC Membership Subcommittee Chairperson at least 14 days in advance of the next regularly scheduled LEPC meeting.


d.     At the next regularly scheduled meeting this motion will be acted upon by the full membership of the LEPC, if there has been no response back to the Membership Subcommittee Chairperson.


The official decision of the LEPC will be reduced to writing, and will be mailed to the former member and County Council if required.









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